GPRS Floating Islands
Durable Floating vegetation platforms that can easily be customized
Durable Floating vegetation platforms that can easily be customized
Simulating the Natural Environment
The Northstar islands are fabricated in such a way to create a growing environment simulating a natural wetland. By using actual natural growing mediums plant roots do not break down unnatural materials causing any pollution issues or having unnatural growing mediums that break down in the ecosystem (foams and plastics). The islands include a natural growing medium (soils) that can be modified to meet site specific needs. The growing medium extends at least ~2.5cm below the water level and up to ~7.5cm above the water depending on planting needs.

Our new floating island design will be announced soon.

Pre-Planted Islands
We have designed our islands to be easy to handle for our customers. For projects within Canada our islands can be shipped already planted and ready for launching. This means the islands can be launched and installed in minutes when the water is accessible. For international customers we can ship islands ready for planting or partner with local nurseries to have the islands planted prior to arriving on site. Please contact us for prices for pre-planted floating islands.
Custom Design
For projects that require unique islands to meet size requirements or Aesthetics we can provide customized Islands in many shapes and sizes to meet our customer’s needs. The only limitation to Island design may be in shipping constraints that may require partial assembly on site (Large islands). However many large islands can be made up of smaller islands that are tied together to create one large island and reduce costs.
Vegetation Design
Our team has extensive experience in the growth of wetland plants as well as use of plants for phyto-remediation. Whether your issue involves nutrient loading, metals, salts or hydrocarbons we can support your team to find the right vegetation combination for your islands and shoreline plantings.
Islands are designed so that they are shipped planted and completely ready for installation. Islands are simply launched and locked together and anchored on site. Up to 300m2 of islands can be launched by 4 people in a day depending on access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plants are natural filters removing nutrients, metals, and even hydrocarbons from water.
Timelines are controlled by many factors. Environmental conditions, nutrient availability, plant species, length of the effective growing season and severity of the contamination all play a part in determining how long it takes for phyto-remediation to occur.
Depending on the contaminant there may be maintenance required on an ongoing basis such as harvesting vegetation and disposing of it, but in other cases no maintenance is required

GPR Solutions Projects

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Super User 5931
Working with coal mines in Alberta, Canada TCS has pioneered the ability to use native wetland plants to remove selenium from mine tailings ponds through Phyto-remediation. We contineud this work with partners such as Olds College, Tannas Conservation Services, and Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. to develop an effective floating island platform capable of withstanding freeze thaw regimes of the Canadian climate while effectively removing selenium from water.
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Super User 2581
Working with Old’s College GP Restoration Solutions and Tannas Conservation services is testing floating island systems and native plant species to remove common contaminants from water through phyto-remediation. We are proud to have completed 2 experiments into nutrient loading funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. This research has shown a number of key results regarding nutrient loading and water use in controled greenhouse conditions and we are excited to be start large scale testing in real world conditions in 2021.
Thursday, February 13, 2020 Super User 2503
GPRS partnered with Give Back Contracting in the summer of 2020 to install over 20 floating islands on a storm pond in Lethbridge Alberta to control nutrient loading issues. Our team helped to create teh planting design focused on removing excess nutrients from the system. these islands had muskrat protection installed as well as fencing to prevent geese and ducks from entering the islands during establishment.