Hand Held
Seed Harvester

Harvest Your Own Local native Seeds

Purposes and Uses:

These native seed harvesters are built to increase hand harvesting efficiency significantly.

  • 3 interchangeable high speed rotating reels gently comb seed off plant

  • Increases hand harvesting efficiency significantly

  • Ideal for ecologically sensitive areas, rough, steep, wetland or inaccessible terrain, roadsides, small wild patches, plots & nursery seed production rows

  •  Harvest individual plants or sweep diverse seed mixes from native prairies & wetlands

  •  Includes 3 interchangeable reels for a wide variety of native grasses, wildflowers & crops

  •  Seed collected in detachable collection bag

  • If you can walk there, you can harvest seed there!

GP Restoration Solutions Inc. ’s primary goal is to conserve biological diversity by encouraging the use of locally-collected seed in reclamation, ecological restoration, heritage seed production and research. They allow efficient collection of local native seed in places no other mechanized equipment could go. If you can walk there, you can harvest your own local native seed. Our Hand Held Seed Harvesters also are excellent for small-scale crop, herb & registered seed plots. They are 10X more efficient than hand collecting.
Our Harvesters are used by conservation agencies, reclamation industries, ranchers, farmers & native seed producers in 46 countries. Since 1987 they have proven themselves in many different seed harvest applications on 250+ species of grasses, wildflowers, legumes, weeds and crops.