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Seed Harvester

Pull type Harvesters

Our pull type native seed harvester comes in the standard 4-foot harvesting width and an optional 6-foot model. The 4-foot harvester is perfect for easy transportation as it fits on a 8 foot wide flat deck and can be pulled behind quads, side by sides, tractors and trucks. The 6-foot model comes in at 10 feet wide for larger harvesting capacity. Harvesters are able to harvest from 4in to 6ft (7ft for the 4-foot high lift model).

Purposes and Uses:

These native seed harvesters built for all-terrain operations including:

Native Grasslands, Ecological Areas, Roadsides, Wetland Edges, Coastal Dunes and Seed Plots.

Patented, dual stage tough industrial nylon brush strips clean seed off the plan with minimal chaff leaving stalks standing. Longer bristles do the stripping while the inner bristles set up an airflow that pulls clean seed off the plant and into the hopper where the air passes through a stainless steel screen depositing the seed.

Harvests grass, sedge, wildflower, herbs, spices with standard stripper header.

With our optional Upgraded stripper header with metal teeth the harvester can Harvest:Conventional Cereal Crops, herbs, spices, Shrubs, and hard to shell out Wildflowers.

  • Rugged and durable design built for off-road use
  • Low environmental impact (light weight machines)
  • Easy to operate, clean, transport and maintain.
  • Sliding hitch centers for transport and towing and offset for harvest
  • Rare seed bagger and bottom dump
  • Hydraulic lift and hydraulic drive allow for control of the machine from the driving position
Optional Features
  • Optional low ground pressure wide tire kit for even lower ground pressure in ecologically sensitive areas (wetlands, sand) from 10lbs/in2 (about same as an average adult footprint) to less than 6lbs/in2
  • Optional tandem offset hitch to attach additional harvesters at the same time
  • Optional concave harvester bar for more aggressive threshing of shorter native grasses and wildflowers.
  • Optional pully drive and manual hydraulic pump
  • Optional integrated tractor hydraulics for hopper lift and reel operation
  • Optional Shelbourne-Reynolds type reel for tough-headed wildflower seed and crops
  • Harvest width - 4Ft / 6Ft
  • Total width - 7.5Ft / 9.5Ft
  • Total length - 9.5 Ft (both models)
  • Harvesting height range - 4In to 7Ft 8In / 4In to 6Ft
  • Total weight (empty) - 870Lbs / 1,000Lbs
  • Hopper size - 48 X 32 X 24In / 72 X 32 X 24In
  • Total hopper capacity - 21.3 Cu Ft / 32 Cu Ft
  • Usable hopper capacity- ~16 Cu Ft /~24 Cu Ft
  • Adjustable hopper tilt to 15 degrees from horizontal
  • 24 In diameter, reversible, 2 stage, tough industrial nylon bristle brush
  • Two position moving hitch with transport and harvesting modes
  • 1 7/8 In trailer ball hitch coupler
  • Painted tubular steel frame, galvanized steel hopper
  • Harvests 1.5 ac/hr (4Ft), 2.5 ac/hr @ 3 mph grounf speed (6Ft)
  • Powered by fuel efficient, 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek Industrial/Commercial,
  • 4 stroke,OHC gasoline engine; uses ~ 1 US Gallon fuel/6-7 hrs harvest time
  • Two position, reversible reel & internal hopper baffle

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GP Restoration Solutions Inc. ’s primary goal is to conserve biological diversity by encouraging the use of locally-collected seed in reclamation, ecological restoration, heritage seed production and research. They allow efficient collection of local native seed in places no other mechanized equipment could go. If you can walk there, you can harvest your own local native seed. Our Hand Held Seed Harvesters also are excellent for small-scale crop, herb & registered seed plots. They are 10X more efficient than hand collecting.
Our Harvesters are used by conservation agencies, reclamation industries, ranchers, farmers & native seed producers in 46 countries. Since 1987 they have proven themselves in many different seed harvest applications on 250+ species of grasses, wildflowers, legumes, weeds and crops.