GPRS Projects

GPRS partnered with Give Back Contracting in the summer of 2020 to install over 20 floating islands on a storm pond in Lethbridge Alberta to control nutrient loading issues.

Floating Islands with Bird Fencing Lethbridge AB, phyto-remediation

Our team helped to create teh planting design focused on removing excess nutrients from the system. these islands had muskrat protection installed as well as fencing to prevent geese and ducks from entering the islands during establishment. 

GP Restoration Solutions Floating Island Installation in Storm Ponds2020 10 08 16.35.31

GP Restoration Solutions, Pre-Planted Floating Islands, Phyto-remediation, Selenium, NutrientsGP Restoration Solutions, Floating Islands, Phyto-remediation

Working with Old’s College GP Restoration Solutions and Tannas Conservation services is testing floating island systems and native plant species to remove common contaminants from water through phyto-remediation. We are proud to have completed 2 experiments into nutrient loading funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. This research has shown a number of key results regarding nutrient loading and water use in controled greenhouse conditions and we are excited to be start large scale testing in real world conditions in 2021. 

Olds College, Phyto-remediation, Wetland Plants, Nutrient Removal, Selenium Removal, GP Restoration Solutions

Working with coal mines in Alberta, Canada TCS has pioneered the ability to use native wetland plants to remove selenium from mine tailings ponds through Phyto-remediation. We contineud this work with partners such as Olds College, Tannas Conservation Services, and Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. to develop an effective floating island platform capable of withstanding freeze thaw regimes of the Canadian climate while effectively removing selenium from water.