GPRS Projects

GPRS partnered with Give Back Contracting in the summer of 2020 to install over 20 floating islands on a storm pond in Lethbridge Alberta to control nutrient loading issues.

Floating Islands with Bird Fencing Lethbridge AB, phyto-remediation

Our team helped to create teh planting design focused on removing excess nutrients from the system. these islands had muskrat protection installed as well as fencing to prevent geese and ducks from entering the islands during establishment. 

GP Restoration Solutions Floating Island Installation in Storm Ponds2020 10 08 16.35.31

GP Restoration Solutions, Pre-Planted Floating Islands, Phyto-remediation, Selenium, NutrientsGP Restoration Solutions, Floating Islands, Phyto-remediation

In the fall of 2020 we installed a secondary island on another pond to help reduce the pressure geese are putting on our competitors floating islands. Our newly designed nesting island is innovative in that it allows plants to grow around the nest. It also has protection built in to prevent the plants from being dug up by animals allowing the geese to graze the island but not kill the plants. 

Placing Floating Island, Nesting Island, Phyto-remediationPhyto-remediation, Bird Nesting Island, Floating Island, GP Restoration Solutions